Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fall From Grace

But when does gymnastics go from being a sport of grace and agility, to a sport of condemned death? When is it okay for twelve year olds to die from bone disease and paralysis complications, especially when these things are not freak- accidents but due to the level of intensity with which they are pushed in gymnastics at too young of an age? It is not often that people stop to think that competitive (mainly elite) gymnasts can suffer trauma's from the sport which cannot always simply be reversed or forgotten. Although eating disorders, mental and physical abuse, a loss of social life, injuries and stunted growth are all side effects of gymnastics which can be "overlooked" by many, can death be as easily "overlooked"? I am not saying that every elite gymnast will die from complications brought on from a side effect of her competitiveness and young age at excelling in the sport but I just want everyone to realize that death is not an impossible reality. Unfortunately, gymnasts "fall from grace" everyday and sometimes the fall is life taking.

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