Friday, May 1, 2009

Competitive vs. Recreational Gymnastics

The top ten reasons I believe that competitive gymnastics is harmful to young children ( in no particular order):

1) It is often mentally abusive.
2) It is often physically abusive.
3) It pushes parents to make their children trophy children.
4) It prioritizes gymnastics over education.
5) It impedes on the sociability of gymnasts.
6) It is constantly making children feel they need to be the best to be successful.
7) It takes the fun away from the sport.
8) It becomes a lifestyle instead of an activity.
9)It makes children conform to a standard, thus taking away creativity and self- expression ( if they are levels 1 -10).
10) It takes away childhood and forces children to mature too quickly.

The top ten reasons I like recreational gymnastics 
( in no particular order):

1) It is fun!
2) It allows for creativity and self expression.
3) Children can learn more than just the moves for their leveled routines.
4) Children can have a childhood.
5) School comes first!
6) Sociability is encouraged.
7) There is no pressure to meet certain standards.
8) Parents are often more laid back and simply want their children to enjoy themselves.
9)Children can work at their own pace to progress.
10) It is usually not mentally abusive or physically abusive because there are no competitions to prepare for, or if there are they are only middle or high school ones and health comes first according to school laws.

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