Thursday, May 7, 2009


"Nine out of every 10 gymnasts interviewed said that they had continued to train on injuries that resulted in broken bones or surgery or that they had resumed training without getting clearance from a doctor."

"Doctors discovered 22 stress fractures on the spine of Olympian Kelly Garrison." 

"Christy Henrich died in 1994 from multiple organ failures stemming from her eating disorders. Shortly before she died, the 4-foot-11 Henrich weighed 47 pounds."

"Although the National Collegiate Athletic Association prohibits teams in all sports from practicing more than 20 hours a week, most elite gymnasts, some of them 10 years younger than college athletes, train twice as long each week." 

"Three out of four retired gymnasts interviewed continue to experience health problems related to gymnastics." 

"How much pounding? Consider this: A gymnast can reach a height of 10 feet on her dismount from the uneven bars. Imagine standing on a basketball rim and jumping onto a mat less than 8 inches thick, several times a day, seven days a week."

"Before she was 14, Knapp broke her back three times."

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